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7 Must-Have Services in a Window Cleaning Company

Like many local businesses or franchises, few window cleaning companies can dedicate themselves to a single service: cleaning windows. This is particularly true in smaller communities and suburbs.

While there probably will always be a demand for window-cleaning services in large cities, where some buildings have thousands of windows. Cleaning the windows of tall structures like skyscrapers calls for special hoists and workers who love heights.

There is still a fair amount of window-cleaning demand among homeowners in neighborhoods with one and two-story homes, though. Not everyone likes to DIY. But many window-cleaners have chosen to expand their array of services.

Let’s find out why—and what some of those services are.

1. Power Washing

Besides window cleaners, lots of businesses seeking add-on lines have jumped on the power washing bandwagon. This includes professional house painters, handyman operations, landscaping companies, and various others.

Power washing uses high-power water jets to expedite the removal of dirt, grime, bird droppings, tree sap, and other substances from a home’s exterior. It’s often used by people with lots of trees or putting their houses on the market.

You should be careful not to have power-washing done too frequently, though. It can be hard on any home but especially those with old and fragile siding.

But if you’re giving your siding a rest, you can always have your deck power-washed during the interval. Decks need regular cleaning too.

2. Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is another popular add-on for many types of businesses. Although some homeowners prefer to clean their own gutters, it’s a risky and unpleasant job. For one thing, many amateurs suffer injuries from falling off ladders.

For another, you could run into electrical wiring or sharp edges. Or, your clothing could catch on something jutting out from the gutter. Plus, gutter cleaning can expose you to germs left by nesting birds, rodents, or insects.

Leave gutter cleaning to a professional like a roofer, painter, or outdoor window cleaner who can use some of their window-cleaning tools. They’re the ones with the proper equipment, insurance, and training.

3. Window Tinting and Film

Window tinting dates to the 1960s, when window films were first developed. Window tints and other window film types remain popular today—especially with windows that get heavy sun exposure.

Although placing window film might seem like an easy DIY project, it takes practice to get it right. That means no wrinkles, misaligned edges, or dirt underneath. What a stroke of luck that those who clean your windows also install the tinting film!

There are different types of window film for specific uses (solar, storm, break-in protection, energy efficiency, and some meant mainly to be decorative. Be sure to select the right type of film for your intended use.

Better yet, hire the best window cleaner you can find to do this delicate work.

4. Mirror Cleaning

Are you surprised to see mirror cleaning on a list of add-on jobs for window-cleaning businesses? You shouldn’t be. After all, window-cleaning supplies clean glass. And glass is what mirrors are made of.

The difference window-cleaning professionals bring to this job is never getting the proverbial “seven years of bad luck from breaking a mirror. What makes them so lucky? They know how to handle glass, of course.

5. Cleaning Window Screens and Storm Windows

It has to be a remarkably meticulous homeowner who remembers to clean the screens and storms during routine window cleanings. It’s a dirty and tedious task for sure. But if you don’t do it, your windows will continue to look filthy.

Just think of all the dust, insect carcasses, pollen, and other debris that lands in or on these necessary windowing layers. And since they cover the main windowpane, you have a compelling reason to think of them before going near that.

What a helpful service, though, to have your screens and storm windows cleaned by the same people who clean your regular windows~

6. Cleaning Light Fixtures

Speaking of outdoor window cleaning: how many people do you think forget to clean their outside light fixtures most of the time? We have no idea what this number is, but we’ll bet it’s a high one.

And if you have a window-cleaning crew working indoors, they might be able to help with your inside light fixtures. Especially those that are hard to reach without a ladder.

You seldom see it up close, but both indoor and outdoor light bulbs can collect all kinds of dirt, dust, grease, dead insects, etc.

7. Cleaning Chandeliers and Ceiling Fans

If you find it challenging to clean light fixtures, chandeliers and ceiling fans are at least as hard to reach and tedious to clean. They hang from the ceiling, so a ladder is needed to reach them. Plus, they’re fragile and move around.

The small, intricate parts on these light fixtures collect dulling dust, cobwebs, and grime. There are also a lot of nooks and crannies to clean individually.

Why Some Window Cleaning Services Should Build Out

When businesses want to expand, they should think creatively and focus on extending the services they already offer. Doing this saves time, cost, labor, and employee training time.

For example, if the company already cleans the insides of windows, it’s a few steps away to get to other home features that are fragile and require climbing on a ladder.

Most homeowners find tasks like these annoying, and some can’t do them because of their health. And if it’s an add on, you wouldn’t need to pay for another service call.

So why not spend a little more and have the experts do it the next time they clean your windows?

Hooray! You Can See Daylight Again!

Window cleaning is something people tend to put off, making excuses like “they’ll just get dirty again,” “I don’t want to get my clothes dirty today,” or “it looks like it might rain later.”

Don’t keep putting it off, though. At My Window Washing, we’ll take care of your windows and more without you needing to lift a hand. And you’ll feel so much better when you once again have a clear view of the world outside.

So if you live in or around Chicago and need window-cleaning services, call us today. We’re your Chicagoland window-cleaning solution!