how often should you power wash your house

How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home?: A Definitive Guide

Is your house starting to look grimy and dirty? Does its facade or siding look faded or mottled? If so, then you need to use a power washing service to add some shine to the exterior of your home. 

If you are thinking of using a power washing service, but are wondering how often should you power wash your house, then have no fear. Below, we have compiled a complete guide with everything you must know about power washing services. 

What is Power Washing?

Power washing is a method of cleaning a surface, in which a high-pressure jet of hot water is fired from a power washing device. This high powered jet strips away grime, dirt, dust, and stains. It is much easier to do than scrubbing away at a surface, and you can usually stand back and get hard to reach places without the use of a ladder. 

There are actually three different methods you can use for home cleaning. Very often, people can get them confused. The three methods are power, pressure, and soft washing. 

Pressure washing is not as intense as power washing. It uses cold water, in contrast to the hot water used in power washing. It is ideally suited for washing smaller items like garden furniture and patios. 

Soft washing is not as powerful as either, and instead of blasting the dirt off with water, it applies a soap solution. This soap solution does the cleaning and is useful for softer surfaces which could be damaged if power washed over a long period of time. 

Benefits of Power Washing

There are a number of benefits to power washing your home. The first is that power washing can actually increase the value of your property and is estimated that for every power wash, you can add between $10,000 to $15,000 to the possible sale price. This is a huge return on investment, as power washing, a house can often cost as little as $100.

Another benefit is that they remove any mold and mildew on the surface of the home. This can show up as white, black, or grey spots. Mold will usually grow somewhere that is damp, so you may get it close to gutters or drains. 

If the mold works its way into your home, it can cause a number of health problems. Mold spores are responsible for exasperating breathing problems and asthma, and they can actually work their way in through cracks, doors, and windows. Make sure you eliminate them as soon as possible. 

Mold is a problem as not only does it look unsightly, it can also contribute to rot and decay in the property. It can also stop blemishing and fading in siding, meaning that you do not have to shell out for expensive repairs and replacements as often. You can even request power washing services for specific areas to keep costs low, such as driveways, gutters, roofs, and walkways. 

Finally, it makes your house look clean and well kept. You will be surprised how well your home looks once it has airborne pollutants removed from the surface. Having a property that looks old and decrepit on the outside, can make people assume it is the same on the inside. 

How Often Should You Power Wash Your House?

How often you should be power washing your home can vary depending on the climate and conditions. The best way to tell is to use your judgment. If your home looks dirty, or you can see the growth of mold and mildew, then it may be time to call in some power washing services. 

There are a few events that may require the need for a power wash. If you have been through a large storm, hurricane, or tornado, you will find your home pitted with dirt that has been carried by winds. Even intense rain, or hot and humid weather conditions, can start to cause dirt build-up in and around the home. 

Another time you should consider a power wash is when you have exterior projects planned. Paint and other surface coverings will adhere better to clean surfaces. Power washing is a great way to give a full clean to the surface. 

Is There a Best Time to Power Wash?

If you are thinking of power washing your home regularly, then you should try to do it at the end of each season. This allows you to strip away any dirt and grime. The most important time will be taking the dust off at the end of summer, and clearing leaves and sap in autumn.

If you are doing it less, try to find a clear, sunny day to conduct your power washing. This allows you to see the job you are doing and also lets the sun dry the house quickly. 

If you occupy a homeowners community, you should always check with the homeowners representative before booking a power wash. Dirt on the roof or siding could constitute an HOA violation, and you may find that there is shared money in the homeowner’s fund to pay for a power wash of multiple properties.

Starting the Power Wash

Now you know how often should you power wash your house, you can begin to find a professional service. Decide on if you want a full or partial wash, and ask for a quote.

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