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Professional vs DIY Power Washing

Power washing has quickly become one of the preferred methods of cleaning a variety of surfaces in both residential, commercial, and business locations. Having your house or business power-washed can do wonders for your structure. Today, we would like to compare professional and DIY power washing and see what benefits or inconveniences each method brings. We hope it will help you have a clearer picture when starting a power washing project.

DIY Power Washing


There are many home improvement projects that can easily be done without hiring professional services. Power washers are no longer considered exclusively commercial machines. It won’t cost you much to rent one for a day or two, and they are readily available to rent at your local home improvement store. Power washing is a fast, robust method for cleaning the surface of your home. Scrubbing stains and debris can be a process that takes the better part of a day, depending on how large the area that you are working on is. However, power washing helps to ensure the most thorough cleaning with minimal time. With DIY, you can clean a multitude of surfaces and boost your house’s curb appeal. Although, there are a few significant downsides of DIY that don’t live up to quality standards and that also aren’t quite efficient without professional work.

Safety first

The most important factor is safety. It’s a tough job; if not done correctly, it can put you at serious risk. You could slip and hurt yourself while trying to reach difficult spots. Accidentally hitting yourself with the jet from a power washer can also cause serious injuries.

Though power washing is a crucial way to prevent damage from grime and dirt build-up, power washers themselves can cause damage to surfaces if you are inexperienced. It is because power washers have multiple pressure levels, and you’ll need to know the correct settings to use on the material you’re washing, or you could cause scratches, chips, or even worse with the washer itself. Moreover, if the hose is not positioned correctly, it can get underneath the siding and damage the insulation.

Chemical exposure can also occur because power washing often involves cleaning chemicals. If they get into a cut or wound, they can cause serious health problems. Paint can actually chip away, and hazardous lead distribution can result if you have lead paint. Although you may want to save a few bucks to do it yourself, what you save on the task could cost you personal injuries and property damage.

Professional Power Washing


The easiest way to avoid previously mentioned risks is to use a professional with experience. When most homes become damaged, dirty, or rundown, they will decrease in value. Regular power washing solutions help to ensure that your building will maintain its value or even increase in value. It is important to provide these power washing services reasonably regularly to optimize the service’s benefits. While a single power washing service can be highly beneficial, it is often even better for these services to be long-term and regular, especially when you want them to help maintain the property’s value.

Improving the curb appeal

If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal, you need to hire a pro. A professional service can do the job effectively and leave your home looking brand new. Cleaning your home with a professional power washer takes significantly less time than scrubbing it by hand. Because it’s a comprehensive and effective method, it saves you time and energy, making it convenient for almost anyone. There is no need for any half-day jobs, ladder work, or scrubbing.

Building materials like brick may deteriorate over time if left unwashed. Power washing the walls, windows, roof, and gutters regularly can reduce these risks and save money on maintenance and repair costs in the long run. Dirt, moss, grime, etc., build up on walls or outdoor items, eating away at surfaces, causing corrosion. They damage paint, concrete sealant, and other surface coatings and deteriorate the vinyl siding or the wood of your deck.

Professional companies are well known for being a comprehensive service. This type of washing covers all surfaces and hard-to-reach places; it primes surfaces for renovations and new house projects. It’s a great option and an effective way to prep your space and get the best result that will last you a long time.

Despite all the benefits, professional power washing isn’t the most cost-friendly option, which is why it is easy to decide to DIY. Considering all the costs, you also might end up with a non-insured company that isn’t professionally trained. We recommend you do thorough research when looking for a professional power washing service to avoid scams and a more considerable loss.

Patio power washing before and after


It’s great to have your home or business looking its best, but that’s only part of what power washing can do for you. It also protects your property from damage, keeps your family or employees safe, and saves you a ton of time, energy, and money. Call your local power washing service and let them inform you well before hiring a team. They can give you any advice on power washing you need to ensure you get the best service.

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