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Adding Curb Appeal: The Ultimate Exterior Home Cleaning Checklist

If you’re like most homeowners, each year you compile a spring cleaning list near the end of winter. However, one area that’s often neglected is the outside of our homes. If you’re looking to boost your curb appeal, you can’t let anything slip through the cracks. This year, make sure you take care of the exterior of your home and your property as well as everything inside your house.

Not sure where to begin? We’re here to help. Keep reading for a quick exterior home cleaning checklist.

Keep the Grass Cut Short

One of the first rules of keeping up your curb appeal is learning basic yard care tips. An unkempt yard with long grass and weeds growing everywhere presents the idea that you don’t care. That, or you’re too lazy to mow the yard.

However, mowing the yard once every week to two weeks is a simple exterior home cleaning chore with spectacular results. A well-trimmed lawn looks neat, clean, and inviting. It also helps cut down on unwanted pests.

Trim All Vegetation

While you’ve got your tool shed open, you should also take care of all the other vegetation on your property. Weeds, bushes, trees, and other plant life should not be allowed to grow helter-skelter. 

First, no vegetation should be touching your house. Tree limbs can damage your house while other plants can provide pathways for insects and other pests to get on and into your home. 

Take Care of the Roof and Gutters

Whether you’re trying to sell your house or just make sure it’s in great condition, you need to check the roof and gutters. Clogged gutters can lead to all sorts of problems, like water damage, negative drainage, and more. If you don’t feel safe getting up on a ladder to clean gutters, hire some professionals to do it for you.

While you’re at it, it might be a good idea to have your roof inspected for damages. Additionally, though moss and other plant life growing on your roof have a certain aesthetic appeal, it’s really bad for the integrity and longevity of your roof. Make sure your roof is completely clean and free of vegetation.

Consider Adding a Fresh Coat of Paint

Depending on how old your home is and the condition of your exterior paint, it may be time for a fresh coat. If you have faded, peeling, cracking, or chipping paint, repainting will help protect the integrity of the home. It will also be vital if you plan to sell it. 

Take this exterior home cleaning chore as an excuse to give your home a fresh, new look. If your siding is damaged from hail, wind, and other elements, it might be a good time to invest in new repairs/replacements.

Wash the Exterior

Alternatively, if your exterior paint is still in good condition, a good power washing might be all your home needs. We recommend going with a professional power washing service, however, to avoid accidentally damaging your home. Many homeowners attempt to save money on their outside home cleaning and end up causing damage with DIY power washing.

Accentuate Your Front Porch

Nothing adds charm and character to a home quite like a warm and inviting front porch. Start your outside spring cleaning project by re-staining or replacing worn-out decking. If not, just give it a good power-washing. 

Then, repaint your front door with a vibrant, stand-out color-pop that fits with the rest of your color scheme. It may also be a good idea to replace the door hardware. This includes the handle, knocker, and deadbolt. 

Lastly, consider updating your house numbers with something more artistic or decorative. You can also add a more traditional touch with a classic mailbox mounted on the home near your front door.  

Get Your Windows Cleaned

Don’t forget about your windows on your exterior home cleaning checklist. Having a beautifully cleaned house will lose its appeal if your windows are left smudged, smeared, dusty, or otherwise filthy. 

If you have a taller home with multiple stories, you may feel uncomfortable getting up on a ladder to clean your windows. If so, think about hiring a professional window cleaning service to get the job done for you. Most people don’t realize how dirty their windows are until they get them cleaned. 

Clear Sidewalks, Walkways, and Driveways

Pathways and driveways were created to make our lives more convenient.

They keep your shoes clean while walking up to the front door. They keep you from tripping over debris in the yard. And they help you avoid things like mud, water, snow, and ice. 

If you haven’t kept your sidewalks, pathways, and driveway clean, now is the time. There shouldn’t be overgrown vegetation creeping onto these paths. Nor should there be any clutter, garbage, yard furniture, or toys. 

Create an Appealing Outdoor Living Area

One thing most homeowners don’t take advantage of enough is outdoor living space. Your porch, patio, deck, and yard are all extensions of your home. Make them feel warmer and more inviting by adding outdoor furniture, like a table and chairs for dining outside. 

You can also incorporate a grill, a porch swing, a backyard fire pit, and more. Ultimately, it depends on what your purpose is for this exterior home cleaning. Either way, you’ll add curb appeal and improve your quality of life at home.

Add More Plants

Though one of your biggest struggles as a homeowner will be keeping the grass mowed, the weeds pulled, and the trees trimmed, adding more plants is never a bad idea. For example, plant flowers along the walkway leading to your front door. 

You can also use potted plants to keep things easier and cleaner. If you really want to connect with nature, plant a vegetable garden.

Planting fruits and vegetables in your own yard and watching them grow is incredibly rewarding. Not only that, but the image of a full garden warms the heart and makes people appreciate life. Be warned, however, that taking care of a garden takes a lot of work and dedication.

Need Help With Your Exterior Home Cleaning?

What kind of homeowner are you? Are you the type that enjoys home maintenance and exterior home cleaning? If not, don’t feel bad, there’s nothing that says owning a home means you have to like doing chores. 

Whatever camp you find yourself in, know that you don’t have to do everything yourself. If you’re looking for help with your spring cleaning list, we’ve got your back. We specialize in gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and power washing, contact us today to see what we can do for you.