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Should I Clean My Gutters Before Winter Hits?

As the premier gutter cleaning company in Chicago, IL, My Window Washing understands that gutters are an integral system of your home. They need to function correctly in the face of harsh weather and various outdoor conditions. While you may realize that our gutter professionals will get the job done correctly, you may be unsure of the right time of year to give us a call. We’re here to help shed some light! 

Generally speaking, one of the optimal times to have your gutters cleaned is when the season changes from fall to winter, and the last leaves have fallen. This time of year is also an ideal opportunity to receive any necessary gutter repair before the midwestern winter is in full swing. Check out this infographic on five reasons why you should have your gutters professionally serviced this winter, and continue reading for more information about how you can avoid damage and costly repairs down the snowy road.

Structurally Speaking

Gutters are more than merely a convenient way to keep rainwater (or melted snow) from falling onto your head as you walk under the eaves; they channel the rain away from problematic areas in and around your home. Without gutters, water would erode the soil along the perimeter of your house and lead to pooling. That pooling could eventually seep through your house’s foundation. While your foundation has its own drainage system, it isn’t intended to withstand the bulk of precipitation runoff flowing from your roof.

How Winter Cleaning Can Prevent Gutter Damage

During autumn, leaves collect and dam water into place. Once winter hits, that standing water will freeze, leading to additional build-up and more freezing, starting a cycle that spirals into an inefficient, costly mess. An ice dam may form along the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining off of it. Water and snow are heavy, and excess build-up places an extra strain on your gutters, which causes them to sag or fall out of proper alignment.

Call My Window Washing for Gutter Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

At My Window Washing, we’ll help prevent any potential problems from arising with our gutter cleaning services. For the best residential gutter cleaning near Chicago, IL, contact our team of professionals today!

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