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How to Combat the Grime of Winter: Window Cleaning In Chicago

Keeping our windows clean during the Chicago winters takes some work and preparation. Chicago winters bring a lot of snow, salt, and dirt that can build up quickly on our window surfaces. It hinders our residence from looking its best and blocks the sunlight from shining in our rooms.

Although spring is the ideal time for window washing, Chicago winter makes windows the dirtiest. This blog post will be helpful if you muster the courage to clean windows in winter.

We will guide you on how to keep your windows clean during the winter in Chicago and keep the windows sparkling for your Chicago home. Just keep reading!

Chicago Winter and How It Impacts Your Windows

Chicago winter is notorious for its fierce winds, heavy snowfall, and cold temperatures. These extreme weather conditions can be harsh on your door and window glass, which can become streaked with dirt, grime, and salt from the roads. Also, frost piling on window glasses can lead to cracks.

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With the cold temperatures and frequent snowfall, Chicago winters are a unique challenge for windows and screens to remain clean. As a major line of defense for your home interior, windows take a toll from snow-cold temperatures. While maintaining the thermal comfort of our Chicago home, windows and doors lose their functionality over time due to regular moisture absorption.

That’s why the benefits of cleaning your windows during winter are manifold. Not only will they look better and appear more inviting when viewed from outside, but clean windows with attachments also improve insulation efficiency by 30%. A clean window will let in more natural light during the shorter winter days and regulate temperatures much better.

While it may seem intolerable to keep your windows clean during this season, it is possible if you take the proper steps.

How to Safely Clean Windows During Cold Weather

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Cleaning windows safely during cold weather requires taking certain precautions. Before starting any window-cleaning project, check local weather forecasts first. If there’s a chance of a snowy day or a hard freeze overnight, wait until conditions improve before attempting any window washing.

Additionally, try to work indoors as much as possible when dealing with large surfaces like skylights or picture windows. It will help to protect your hands and equipment from frosty temperatures outside.

Now comes the actual process of safe window cleaning. Here are the steps to follow.

Dress Appropriately in Winter

First of all, you should wear layers of warm clothing and gloves to protect against the elements. Long pants and a hat are also recommended, as they will help keep you warm while working outdoors.

Be Mindful of Temperature Extremes

Extreme temperature changes can cause the glasses to break or crack due to thermal shock. So, it’s vital to avoid drastic shifts in temperature when cleaning windows. Try doing one window at a time, and please avoid direct sun exposure that could heat the glass surface rapidly.

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Use an Appropriate Window Cleaning Solution

Various common household cleaners can cause streaking on windows. Using the right kind of cleaner explicitly designed for window washing is essential. Ensure the cleaner is formulated for cold temperatures since higher concentrations may freeze on contact with the glass surface in extreme temperatures.

Use Ice Melt Products Carefully

If you’re using ice melt products like rock salt or pellets near your windows, take extra precautionary steps. The reason is – these products can corrode or etch glass if left sitting too long on a window surface. Use enough proportion to prevent probable slipping hazards on walkways and stairs around your home or business.

Caution – Do not use directly on window surfaces.

Take Precautions Against Wind Damage

In very windy conditions, use appropriate precautions such as attaching weights at each corner of drop cloths for safety reasons. When working off ladders or scaffolding near windows with fragile frames around them, you should use these. It will help you to avoid any unnecessary damage caused by strong winds. The reason is – winds can blow the clothes up into windows during the cleaning process and risk damaging them beyond repair or even causing injury to you.

Take Breaks When Needed

Cold weather can sap energy levels quickly. We suggest building breaks into your cleaning schedule when needed to stay warm and safe while working outdoors in winter conditions. Hot beverages like tea or coffee are also great for remaining energized throughout longer tasks like window washing & cleaning.

Our safety suggestions for your window cleaning process might not help significantly. But in Chicago, we strongly urge you to take our mentioned safety measures first to avoid injury or accidents while cleaning windows. Despite the cold, you can try using DIY vinegar and water solution, alongside utilizing a squeegee, to get a quick routine cleaning.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Windows Clean During the Winter

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Winter season in Chicago takes quite a toll on Chicago residents and businesses. So periodical window cleaning during winter go beyond just aesthetics. Also, it will make you feel proud that your windows are shiny and clean no matter what the cold weather throws at them.

Generally, a clean window gets more sunlight into our living rooms. Additionally, it helps to heat up inside the room naturally without turning up the thermostat or using additional energy sources like electric heaters.

Some good benefits of keeping the windows clean in our Chicago home during winter are:

Improved Insulation

By having clean windows, dust, dirt, and other debris don’t have the chance to build up on any window panes or around weather seals. It helps to prevent drafts from entering the home. So you can feel more consistent temperatures indoors regardless of how cold it might be outside.

Saving Energy

Clean windows can contribute to reducing utility bills. The reason is that poor insulation makes it less likely to leak air and waste energy. Proper window care practices contribute towards a higher quality living environment. Both short-term maintenance costs and long-term savings from energy efficiency gains save money year-round throughout all seasons.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Clean windows also help to let natural light into the home more efficiently. During wintertime, when there are fewer daylight hours, many people struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). To combat this issue, window cleaning services will help you let more light penetrate the home, boosting your mood and energy levels.

Necessary Source of Vitamin D

Sunlight is an essential source of Vitamin D, which plays a vital role in maintaining healthy bodies and minds. With more transparent windows, you’ll be able to ensure that sunlight penetrates your home and provides you with some much-needed warmth on those shorter days.

Control of Temperature

Maintaining clean windows also helps give a sense of control over living conditions in cold climates. Snow storms or sub-zero temperatures are out of hand outside our homes.

Anxiety increases in these months due to limited outdoor activities or social gathering options. Feeling control over our home environment is the key to reducing stress levels throughout the Chicago winter months.

Overall, many advantages are associated with maintaining clean windows in Chicago home during winter. Regular window cleaning can prevent other issues, such as mold growth between window panes or around frame edges due to condensation from temperature differences inside and out.

DIY vs. Professional: Hire Window Cleaning Companies in Chicago or Not

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The debate between DIY window cleaning and professional window cleaners is ongoing.

DIY window cleaning is no doubt less expensive than hiring a professional company. Still, it requires time and effort that some people don’t have. Hiring professional window washers has its advantages.

They have the right window washing tools that make the job easier and faster. Plus, they carry insurance that covers any potential damages caused by faulty techniques or equipment malfunction. To find a reputable window cleaning company in the Chicago area, google ‘window cleaning near me’; we’re confident you’ll find lots of window washers in your area.

Take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of both methods:

DIY Window Cleaning Pros

Cost Effective

DIY window cleaning is an appealing option for everyone who wants to save money. You can tailor your cleaning plan to your budget and time constraints by doing it yourself, making window care more flexible than if you have to pay for a service.

Increased Control

  • You have complete control over when and how often windows are cleaned by doing it yourself.
  • Ability to wash windows as frequently or infrequently as desired without waiting for someone else’s schedule or availability.
  • Furthermore you can also customize the window-cleaning process according to your preferences.


People often get satisfaction from completing home improvement tasks, including mowing the lawn or painting walls, to tackling larger jobs like washing windows or installing new appliances in the kitchen.

With DIY window cleaning, Chicago homeowners get the satisfaction of knowing they’ve completed their tasks on their terms. It might feel more rewarding than simply calling someone else for help.

DIY Window Cleaning Cons

Safety Concerns

Cleaning windows involves working at heights that can present serious safety hazards if not handled properly. Therefore, some homeowners may prefer leaving such a task to experienced professional window cleaning companies rather than attempting it themselves.

There’s also risk involved when using chemical products such as cleaners and solvents during the process.

Time Commitment

Completing any home improvement task requires dedication and time commitment. While some people find great satisfaction in completing such tasks, others may prefer leaving it to professionals who can get it done quickly. As a result, they don’t have to worry about allocating additional time out of their day-to-day life for something like that.

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Professional Window Cleaning Company Pros

Safety Assurance

Professional window cleaners are experienced in handling glass surfaces at various heights safely and correctly. This eliminates potential dangers from improper handling during DIY repairs due to inexperience and safety knowledge.

In addition, most professional services use high-quality materials and eco-friendly window cleaning products. As a result, potential risks associated with the incorrect use of hazardous chemicals during cleaning processes become reduced.

Quality Results

The key benefits of hiring a professional window-cleaning company include quality results. Professionally washed windows will remain clean longer than those cleaned by inexperienced personnel. Qualified technicians use specific techniques and understand how different compounds react with glass surfaces under various weather conditions.

Professional Window Cleaning Company Cons:

Costly Expense

Professional window-cleaning costs significantly more than DIY solutions. However, hiring experienced personnel might be worth considering despite the higher expense if you wish for long-lasting results free from streaks.

Availability Dependency

Customers who choose a window cleaning company might have to wait until a slot opens. Sometimes it might leave no room for flexibility for clients in unexpected situations. But nowadays, you can schedule your free time and wait until a professional arrives at your location.

Overall, given the pros and cons, now you can decide which route suits you best. If frequently cleaning the windows is your forte, then DIY methods suit you.

When you need deep, professional cleaning, it’s better to hire a window cleaner, even in winter. Our next blog section is specifically for finding the right window cleaning professional.

How to Find the Right Window Cleaning Professional in Chicago

No matter which route you choose, it’s essential to choose a reputable professional in Chicago who has experience servicing buildings in winter conditions similar to yours.

You should research and choose a company or individual who is reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

Here are some tips that can help you make the right decision when choosing a Chicago window cleaner:

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Check References and Reviews

Ask family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations, or look online for customer reviews. Make sure the window cleaner has good references from previous customers. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau(BBB) to ensure they have an active license and no complaints are filed against them.

Consider Insurance

A quality professional window cleaner should have liability insurance covering any damage that may occur during the cleaning process. This protects the clients and the window cleaner from any unexpected occurrences that may happen on-site.

Look for Experience

Professional window cleaners should have experience in various techniques, such as pressure washing, scraping, and vacuuming windows, frames, and sills to clean them entirely inside and out.

They should also use special tools for cleaning windows, such as squeegees, scrapers, brushes, chemicals, and ladders, as appropriate for each job.

Eco-Friendly Products

Professional window cleaners usually use eco-friendly products, so their services are not harmful to people, pets, or plants around your home or office building. It is especially important if you have children or elderly individuals living in your house.

Inquire about Cost

Quality service comes with a price tag. However, it shouldn’t be too expensive either. Many competitive rates are available in Chicago for window cleaning services depending on your property’s size and how often you need it done. Also, inquire about discounts that may be available.

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Confirm availability

Before hiring anyone, make sure they are available on the dates you need their service provided. So no time is wasted waiting around for window washers to arrive. Some providers offer weekend services if necessary so inquire about this option as well.

Safety Measurements

Professional window cleaners know how to safely operate all of their cleaning equipment, including ladders which must be used correctly to avoid accidents or falls. For the safer side, choose professionals who follow all safety protocols before allowing them access to your home or office building.

These tips will help you choose the best professional cleaners in the Chicago area. As a result, your windows will be sparkling clean without putting anyone’s safety at risk.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you keep windows clean in the winter?

The best DIY solution for cleaning windows in winter is to use an alcohol-based washing solution mixed with water. Another option is to use freeze-resistance cleaners and vinegar-based cleaners.

Do windows need cleaning in winter?

Cleaning windows in winter might only be preferable for some, but windows need cleaning in winter too. There is a lot of salt and snow piling up at our windows. So, once or twice a month, you should clean windows to increase longevity and functionality.

What time of year is best to clean windows?

Undoubtedly, spring is the best time to clean or wash your windows. Fall is another good time of year to clean windows in Chicago.