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How to Clean Your Windows Like A Pro?

When it comes to outside window washing, people find themselves overwhelmed before even starting. We often don’t want to spend much money on a deep window cleaning. But with the right techniques and quality equipment, you can clean your windows like an expert.

What is the best way to clean outside windows?

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Window cleaning is a long and arduous process. And without the proper cleaning tools and supplies, you’re less likely to have a professional streak-free result. It is best if you wash your outside windows on a cloudy day. That way, the light will provide you with a clearer view of the glass surface. For your window cleaning tools, you’ll need a squeegee, a strip applicator/window cleaning mop, and a chamois. As for the cleaning part, it’s a simple process:

  • Fill the bucket to about half or a bit less with cold water. Hot water will make the water evaporate too quickly. Put a few squirts of detergent (dish soap would do great) into the water, and rub the wet mop onto the window.
  • Rub with the wet mop in a circular motion on the window, paying particular attention to any dirty or stained spots. Caked-on dirt or pollutants can be scrubbed, dissolved, and washed off with the window cleaning mop and detergent.
  • Rinse off the suds with water from a hose, making sure that all the dirt is rinsed off.
  • Next, squeegee off the excess water remaining on the windowpane.
  • The cleaning mop can be wrung out and wet with water when all dirt is removed from the window.  
  • Then, go over the windows with the cleaned mop in order to remove detergent suds and bubbles. Wet the mop as many times as necessary until the window is clean.
  • Use a chamois washcloth to dry the window. This is the best type of cloth as it is soft and absorbent and will ensure a sparkling clean finish with no streaks. Make sure to dry the windows thoroughly so the water droplets don’t dry on the window and cause spots.  

What is the best window cleaning solution?

There are so many choices nowadays when it comes to the window cleaning solution. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the best one for your needs. Luckily here at My Window Washing, we have years of experience and reviewed all different types of window washing solutions. We recommend an environmentally friendly window cleaning solution. It is tough enough to remove accumulated dirt but doesn’t contain chemicals that could be too caustic or harsh for your windows.  

There are countless recipes for homemade window cleaning solutions of all types and a more comprehensive selection of window cleaning solutions in the store. A good option that is easy to find in stores is Windex. Because they have a wide range of products for different purposes, their ingredients will also vary; ensure you get one without ammonia or extremely harsh chemicals. They can damage the glass surface, especially if your windows are tinted with sun-blocking film. It does an excellent job cleaning and eliminates streaking. It’s also a versatile cleaning solution that works well on dirt, oil, and various stains and pollutants.

If you prefer to make your window cleaning solution, an easy and effective way is to use detergent mixed with water. Dish soap is excellent for this purpose. Make sure you use an eco-friendly soap or detergent with no additives or harsh chemicals. This is why an eco-friendly dish soap is a good choice when it comes to choosing a cleaning solution for your outdoor windows. You can dilute the soap with water and mix to create a soapy, sudsy solution perfect for cleaning your windows. A ratio of two cups of water and a few drops of dish soap will make the ideal homemade window cleaning solution.

Whether you go with a homemade window cleaning solution or one of the many commercial options, make sure to choose something without harsh chemicals that might damage your windows.

How much does window cleaning cost?

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If you think you don’t have time to wash your windows properly or aren’t physically able to do them, there are many qualified professional window cleaners. My Window Washing can help you get rid of the dirt and make your windows sparkle without worrying about the risk of injury or the lack of time to do it yourself.

The price of professional window cleaning varies depending on the number of windows, the type and height of the property, and the size of the windows. Most window cleaning companies will be able to give you a more exact quote for their services based on your property’s needs over the phone.

Here at My Window Washing, we charge by the number of windows washed. We have different pricing options for cleaning the outside of the windows only and for washing both the inside and outside of the windows. We offer top-notch service for competitive prices. Customers say again and again that we are a great value! Included is a table of our prices based on the number of windows to give you an idea of how much window washing should cost. These prices are for any residential house two stories or under in the Chicago suburbs. Buildings three stories or greater in the city will be assessed differently. Our technicians will give a quote for the costs before starting the cleaning job. 

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