Professional vs DIY Power Washing

Power washing has quickly become one of the preferred methods of cleaning a variety of surfaces in both residential, commercial, and business locations. Having your house or business power-washed can do wonders for your structure. Today, we would like to compare professional and DIY power washing and see what benefits or inconveniences each method brings. We hope it will help you have a clearer picture when starting a power washing project.

DIY Power Washing


There are many home improvement projects that can easily be done without hiring professional services. Power washers are no longer considered exclusively commercial machines. It won’t cost you much to rent one for a day or two, and they are readily available to rent at your local home improvement store. Power washing is a fast, robust method for cleaning the surface of your home. Scrubbing stains and debris can be a process that takes the better part of a day, depending on how large the area that you are working on is. However, power washing helps to ensure the most thorough cleaning with minimal time. With DIY, you can clean a multitude of surfaces and boost your house’s curb appeal. Although, there are a few significant downsides of DIY that don’t live up to quality standards and that also aren’t quite efficient without professional work.

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