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Window Washing: How to Clean Windows the Right Way

Window cleaning can be a hassle, but it’s essential to keep your windows clean so that you can see clearly out of them. Clean windows will improve your home’s curb appeal and will lift your mood. It will make your house look cleaner and brighter too. Considering all the benefits of clean windows, should you do it yourself or hire a professional window cleaning company?

Here are a few tips to make the process a little bit easier.

Window Cleaning Process 

  – If you have a lot of windows to clean, consider using a window cleaning kit if you want to clean windows yourself. You will also require a ladder to reach your second-floor windows, providing you live in a two-story house. But on the other hand, this will require a lot of time and could be dangerous. Some taller homes might need a very long extension ladder to get to the windows you’re about to clean. Window cleaning takes a considerable amount of time, especially if you have never washed windows before. Consider hiring a professional window cleaning company for the task. Having pros washing your windows will save you lots of time, not to mention all the dangers you’ll avoid from not having to climb ladders. And the windows will sparkle once the pro has cleaned them. 

Use Caution While Washing Windows

  – However, if you decide to do it yourself, and you have a lot of dirty windows in a multistory house, start by cleaning the dirtiest ones on the top floor first. That is how professional window cleaning companies do it. And we certainly recommend cleaning it from top to bottom. So this way, you are not dripping dirty water on the bottom windows that you might have already cleaned. 

  Always use a stable ladder and be careful when reaching high up. Working on the ladder high above the ground can be very dangerous. We can’t stress this enough. That is why it is always wise to leave the danger to the experts. Broken bones or worse will cost a lot more to fix than residential window washing service. 

Window Cleaning Tools

    – Use a squeegee to clean your windows. This will help to remove any streaks or water spots. That is what we use, and it works wonders on dirty windows. It might not come out ideally from the first try, but anyone can get the hang of it with little practice. Try starting at the top of the window and work your way down to the bottom or from side to side. It will take some time to learn this window washing technique, but it’s not rocket science. Everyone can master the window squeegee, and once you do, call My Window Washing. We are always on the lookout for squeegee masters.  

  Another useful window washing tool is called a sponge. We use specially designed window cleaning handles and wool sleeves, but you can use any sponge or cloth to spread the cleaning solution on the window and scrub the glass.    

  Use a window cleaning solution to help loosen dirt and grime. Be sure to read the instructions on the bottle before using it, as some solutions can be harmful if misused. We recommend using dish soap mixed with water, and you can add some vinegar to the mixture, but it’s not necessary. This window cleaning solution is easy to make; it’s cheap and non-toxic. Avoid Windex. It doesn’t clean windows very well and contains ammonia. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you decide to go ahead and clean your windows by yourself, make sure you’re doing it safely. Avoid climbing ladders, and if you do, be sure you feel comfortable being high above the ground. 

Use proper tools and cleaning solutions to achieve the desired results. Do not be afraid to experiment. And do not despair if it doesn’t come out ideally the first time. Every job takes practice. 

  And in case you decide to employ a window washing company for the job, consider My Window Washing. We are a family-owned company servicing the entire Chicagoland area. Besides window cleaning, we also provide power washing and gutter cleaning services.