12 Facts About Rain Gutters

Facts about Rain Gutters

12 Facts About Rain Gutters

The first gutters were created by ancient civilizations in 3.000 B.C. They started to drain water from one location to another using a system that they made out of stone, brick, and wood.

The Romans established the first drainage systems to drain water away from streets.

Gargoyles were used on buildings to act as rain gutters to guide rain water away from important building areas and some claimed they also warded off evil spirits.

Today’s rain gutters were invented in 1900’s to carry rainwater from the roof of the house and drain it directly into the downspouts.

Rain gutters come in a full range of materials, such as plastic, steel, copper, and aluminum.

Homeowner can choose two shapes of gutters: K-Style Gutters or Half-round gutters.

Gutter cleaning professionals find thousands of children’s toys inside rain gutters every year.

At one time, some vehicles had rain gutters to prevent rain from falling on drivers’ heads when they exited the car. For aerodynamic reasons this feature was dropped in the 1980s.  Located on the roof, the rain gutters dramatically changed the profile of the car, affecting.

Rain gutters with standing water are breeding ground for mosquitoes, insects and other pests.

It is very important to regularly (and safely clean rain guards) to prevent clogs and subsequent structural damage to a home.

Seamless gutters are more durable and stronger than regular rain gutters.

Cleaning gutters comes with some safety risks. Some claim that more than 150,000 people fall from the ladder each year while checking their gutter.

Why Clean Your Gutters?

Only a well functioning gutter system can protect your home from water damage. When gutters and downspouts are filled with debris and/or clogged, they do not perform correctly. Water can back up, become misdirected and damage your roof, basement, foundation, roof, fascia, soffits, paint and siding. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to spot the damage until it’s too late.

Often overlooked, cleaning your gutters is one of the most important home or building maintenance projects you can do. Experts recommend cleaning out your gutters at least twice a year: in the spring and fall. Failing to regularly maintain your gutters can lead to unwanted and expensive problems down the road.

A major problem with clogged gutters is that water doesn’t properly drain away from the home. Instead, it drains in places where it can (and often does) cause damage from the roof to your basement.  Moreover, the weight of water-logged debris often leads to gutter system damages. Acting as Mother Nature’s sponges, as debris absorbs rain water it becomes extremely heavy. This weight puts stress on gutters and fixtures, which can cause them to pull away from your home.

Forgetting or delaying cleaning your gutters can end up being a very costly. Like many other people, you may dread the prospect of climbing up a ladder and cleaning your gutters. Consequently, you may find it easier to have them professionally cleaned in the spring and fall. This will help ensure your gutter system is properly cleaned to prevent costly repairs later.

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