6 Signs You Need New Windows

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Windows play a large role in your home’s appearance and its energy saving abilities. Recognizing when it’s time to install new windows is important to any savvy home owner. Fortunately, the recouped costs for replacing windows (vinyl or wood), in the greater Chicago area, is between 82% and 88.4%, according to the 2014 Cost vs Value Report. Following are six signs it might be time to replace your windows.

  1. Window Trim is Chipping, Peeling, Missing, Cracking, or Rotting

What is the condition of the trim around your window?  Peeling paint, cracking or rotting are signs of moisture, over exposure to UV rays or extreme temperature changes. Aesthetics aside, these conditions tend to lead to warping around the windows.

  1. Window Frame Deterioration

Do you see deterioration around your window frames?  When window frames are worn, damaged or decaying, a gap forms between the frame and the glass pane, creating unwanted airflow and causing the glass pane to become weak and unsteady.

  1. Decline Functionality

Is it harder to open and close your windows? Do they fail to stay open without sliding down? These obvious performance issues indicate that your windows no longer properly fit.

  1. Diminished Insulation Properties

Do your windows feel very cold in the winter and warm in the summer? Do you feel a draft from your windows? If so, this may signal that your window’s insulation properties have been compromised. This means your windows are putting extra pressure on your HVAC system, costing you more money to heat and cool your home.

  1. Drafty Windows

Is your window fully sealed? Moisture blowing in through a closed window can cause mold growth, damage to carpet and furniture, rotting window frames and higher heating and cooling costs. A simple test to check if your window is fully sealed is to hold a candle around the edge of the window. If the flame flickers, there is a draft and you should consider replacing the window.

  1. Cloudy Panes

Does your window fog, Condensation, ice and/or frost form on the window or between the glass panes? If so, this means the insulation is inadequate and moisture is building up inside the window panes. This is another sign that it’s time to replace the window.

How to Protect Your Windows

There are two easy ways to extend the life of your windows. First, wash your windows regularly, inside and out. Not only does this help remove potentially harmful chemicals and particles, it also ensures regular inspections. Secondly, regularly clean and maintain your gutters to ensure proper water drainage away from your home.

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  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that windows with poor insulation should be replaced. When I was washing my living room windows this morning, I noticed that they were really warm to the touch, even though there wasn’t any direct sunlight on them. They’re getting pretty old, and I think the insulation is compromised, so I’ll definitely look into having them replaced to increase my home’s energy efficiency. Thanks for the great post!

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